Web mall

The Web Mall

The Web Mall is where you purchase items, there are 6 seperate tabs along to top:

All Items | Development | Battle | Gems | Badge | Honor

Items in the Honor section require HP Honor points

Items in the Badge section require Badge Badges

All the rest are purchased with MallPointsResourceIcon Mall Points and some of those can also be purchased with VoucherResourceIcon Vouchers but not all.

More details about these types of curency and item types is available on the Currency page and the Items category pages respectively.

Items purchased at the Web Mall; unlike items won in a Treasure Box are initially unlocked and you can sell them in the Trading Center. However, gems as soon as you use them on a commander, will be locked to your account thereafter.

Web mall exclusive items

Web mall exclusive items, are items that can only be obtained by buying them in the web mall, and with no other way. These items are the following: