A treasure box is an instance reward sent to you in the mail after completing a Normal Instance . It is given to you in a message in your mailbox, clicking on the icon on the bottom left of the message makes it appear in your bag (inventory) where you can open it to reveal a random reward. This can consist of one random resource or a blueprint. The blueprint seems to be rare, about a 1/10 drop rate although much debate is if this percentage is accurate. Some players claim that blueprint drop rates temporarily decrease if an instance is heavily farmed, but this is unconfirmed.

Also see About Drop Rates

Treasure Box Possible Rewards

Treasure Box Level One random resource
(MetalResourceIcon, He3ResourceIcon or GoldResourceIcon)
Blueprints Blueprint Drop Rate Percentage
TreasureBox01 01 800-1,000 Air Wanderer BP

Air Wanderer (Frigate)

Bombardier BP Bombardier (Cruiser)
Nettle BP Nettle (Battleship)
TreasureBox02 02 1,000-2,000 Gravity Maint Facility icon Gravity Maintenance Facility (Structure) 10%
Particle Stun Shield icon Particle Stun Shield (Shield)
Atomic Framework icon Atomic Framework (Structure)
TreasureBox03 03 2,000-3,000 Tempest Rapid Fire icon "Tempest" Rapid Fire (Ballistic) 10%
Pulse Laser Transmitter icon Pulse Laser Transmitted (Directional)
Rocket Booster icon Rocket Booster (Missile)
Hunter Streamliner icon "Hunter" Streamliner(Ship-based)
Molotov Cocktail icon Molotov Cocktail (Planet)
TreasureBox04 04 3,000-5,000 Valkyrie BP Valkyrie (Frigate) 10%
Duke BP Duke (Cruiser)
Diaz BP Diaz (Battleship)
TreasureBox05 05 5,000-8,000 Heat Diffusion Shield icon

Heat Diffusion Shield (Shield)

Orbital Shield icon Orbital Shield (Shield)
Missile Interception icon Missile Interception System (Air-Defense)
TreasureBox06 06 8,000-12,000 Wiseman Scatterbomb icon "Wiseman" Scatterbomb (Ballistic) 10%
Guided Laser Bomb icon Guided Laser Bomb (Directional)
Razor Missile Pod icon "Razor" Missile Pod (Missile)
Ladybug icon Ladybug (Ship-Based)
Heavy Duty icon Heavy Duty (Planet)
TreasureBox07 07 12,000-16,000 GoGetter BP GoGetter (Frigate) 10%
The Shuttler BP The Shuttler (Cruiser)
RV766-The Explorer BP RV766-The Explorer (Battleship)
TreasureBox08 08 16,000-20,000 Space-Time Magnetic Shield icon Space-Time Magnetic Shield (Shield) 10%
Fighter Interception Cabin icon Fighter-Based Air Interception Cabin (Air-Defense)
Agility Booster icon Agility Booster (Electron)
TreasureBox09 09 20,000-25,000 Gatling Cannon icon Gatling Cannon (Ballistic) 10%
The Sumo icon The Sumo (Directional)
Refined Rocket Frame icon Refined Rocket Frame (Missile)
Nomad Streamliner icon "Nomad" Streamliner (Ship-Based)
Independence Independence Ship (Flagship)
TreasureBox10 10 25,000-30,000 Space Hunter BP Space Hunter (Frigate) 10%
Watchman BP Watchman (Cruiser)
Palenka BP Palenka (Battleship)
TreasureBox11 11 30,000-35,000 Infrared Scanner icon Infrared Scanner (Electron) 10%
Station Warehouse icon Station Warehouse (Warehouse)
TreasureBox12 12 35,000-40,000 Blaze Auto-Cannon icon "Blaze" Auto Cannon (Ballistic) 10%
Magneto Bomb icon Magneto Bomb (Directional)
Poacher Firebomb icon "Poacher" Firebomb (Missile)
Dragonturtle icon Dragonturtle (Ship-Based)
Star Shooter icon Star Shooter (Planet)
TreasureBox13 13 40,000-50,000 Howler BP Howler (Battleship) 10%
Industrial Ship BP Industrial Ship (Special Hull)
Fleetfoot BP Fleetfoot (Special Hull)
TreasureBox14 14 50,000-60,000 Hull Maintenance Mechanic icon Hull Maintenance Mechanic (Structure) 10%
Detonator Shield icon Detonator Shield (Shield)
TreasureBox15 15 60,000-75,000 Typhoon Speed Cannon icon "Typhoon" Speed Cannon (Ballistic) 10%
Plasma Energy Cannon icon Plasma Energy Cannon (Directional)
Boomerang Rocket Rack icon Boomerang Rocket Rack (Missile)
Leopard Streamliner icon "Leopard" Streamliner (Ship-Based)
TreasureBox16 16 75,000-90,000 Sparrow BP Sparrow (Frigate) 10%
Spinner BP Spinner (Cruiser)
Bolencia Warship BP Bolencia Warship(Special Hull)
TreasureBox17 17 90000-110000 Shield Regenerator icon Shield Regenerator (Shield) 10%
TreasureBox18 18 110,000-130,000 Tenho Dimensional Bomb icon "Tenho" Dimensional Bomb (Ballistic) 10%
Positron Bomb icon Positron Bomb (Directional)
Hellfire Missile Pod icon "Hellfire" Missile Pod (Missile)
Guardian icon Guardian (Ship-Based)
Smasher icon Smasher (Planet)
TreasureBox19 19 130,000-150,000 Devourer BP Devourer (Frigate) 7%
Wraith BP Wraith (Cruiser)
Whirlpool BP Whirlpool (Battleship)
Hedgehog BP Hedgehog (Special Hull)
TreasureBox20 20 150,000-180,000 Reflective Plating icon Reflective Plating (Structure) 7%
Powered Pulse Cannon icon Powered Pulse Cannon (Air-Defense)
ECM Booster icon ECM Booster (Electron)
TreasureBox21 21 180,000-210,000 Flash Sonicbomb icon "Flash" Sonicbomb (Ballistic) 7%
Meltdown icon Meltdown (Directional)
Destroyer Rocket Rack icon "Destroyer" Rocket Rack (Missile)
Warhammer Streamliner icon "Warhammer" Streamliner (Ship-Based)
TreasureBox22 22 210,000-250,000 Polymesus BP Polymesus (Frigate) 7%
Encratos BP Encratos (Cruiser)
Cerberus BP Cerberus (Battleship)
TreasureBox23 23 250,000-300,000 Quick Reaction Armor icon Quick Reaction Armor (Structure) 7%
Energy Armor icon Energy Armor (Structure)
Extreme Counterattack icon Extreme Counterattack System (Air-Defense)
Nano Station Warehouse icon Nano Station Warehouse (Warehouse)
TreasureBox24 24 300,000-350,000 Calamity Howitzer icon "Calamity" Howitzer (Ballistic) 7%
Heartstopper icon Heartstopper (Directional)
Thunder Missile Pod icon "Thunder" Missile Pod (Missile)
Hammerhead icon Hammerhead (Ship-Based)
Doomsday icon Doomsday (Planet)
TreasureBox25 25 350,000-400,000 Cybra BP Cybra (Frigate) 7%
Nicholas BP Nicholas (Cruiser)
Genesis BP Genesis (Battleship)
TreasureBox26 26 400,000-450,000 Eos Phase Shift Shield icon EOS Phase Shift Shield (Shield) 7%
Auto Target System icon Auto Target System (Electron)
TreasureBox27 27 450,000-500,000 Deathhowl Shockwave icon "Deathhowl" Shockwave (Ballistic) 7%
Princess Lightspear icon "Princess" Lightspear (Directional)
Destroyer Nuclear Rack icon "Destroyer" Nuclear Rack (Missile)
Hornet Swarm icon Hornet Swarm (Ship-Based)
TreasureBox28 28 500,000-600,000 Hamdar BP Hamdar (Frigate) 7%
Helena BP Helena (Cruiser)
Tiamat BP Tiamat (Battleship)
TreasureBox29 29 600,000-800,000 Daedalus Control System icon Daedelus Control System (Structure) 7%
Team Combat Engine icon Team Combat Engine (Transmission)
TreasureBox30 30 800,000-1,000,000 Ares Widowmaker icon "Ares" Widowmaker (Ballistic) 7%
Tomahawk Godfist icon "Tomahawk" Godfist (Directional)
Doomsday Nuclear Launcher icon "Doomsday" Nuclear Launcher (Missile)
Pandora icon Pandora (Ship-Based)
Anti-matter Engine icon Anti-Matter Engine (Transmission)

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