What is stability?[edit | edit source]

In short, stability makes it harder for ships to be destroyed. The stack can take x% damage before a ship is destroyed. Stability is what percent of the total hull strength (durability) that a stack must take to the ship hull (not shields), which will destroy one ship. For example, at 400% stability, if you deal 10,000 damage to a stack of ships with 1,000 structure, you will destroy only 2 ships. (2 ships x 1000 x 400% = 8000. 3 ships require 12,000 damage, so only 2 ships are destroyed. NOTE: a stack can only take 100% of its total durability, and then it is destroyed. Stability keeps more ships in a stack longer, allowing repair or to fight back. This means at 400% stability, you will keep 75% or more of your ships, or lose them all.

The ship stability of a ship will improve the endurance of a ship and will help you last longer during the fight...so it is basically giving steroids to your ships.

What gives ships stability?[edit | edit source]

Stability is gained from the ship hull selection (usually 40-60% bonus), from a few modules, such as Gravity Maintenance Facility,Ship Reinforcement Facility, Copernicus Gyroscope, Daedalus Control System, Icarus Control System, and from the Ship Defense Science technology tree (60%). Daedalus at full tech has a 30% chance to increase 100% per attack.  Stability can also be increased via implanting certain gems and bionic chips into the commander that is controlling the fleet.

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