Space Raids were added on 7th Dec 2012
Some ruins charts

Some ruins charts

Like constellations and restricted instances they require a pass, these come in the form of Left and Right space charts, which are obtained in Trial (scenario) and Constellation instances, 2 players must take part, combining left+right charts of the same or different levels of star chart to gain a pass for the instance.

Unlike other instances you don't actually fight any PvE, but you are able to be intercepted by other players (and almost always will be) in your attempt to get to the raid target, if intercepted the fleets fight, win 3 fights and the loot is all yours, lose one of the 3 possible intercepts and the interceptor gains the loot, raiding players will receive a small amount of corsairs gold (scaled to chart level) if they lose.

Ruins chart-I = Green (sells for 20 corsairs gold)

Ruins chart-II = Blue (sells for 30 corsairs gold)

Ruins chart-III = Purple (sells for 40 corsairs gold)

Ruins chart-IV = Orange (sells for 50 corsairs gold)

How it worksEdit

NOTE: The most important point, you do not lose fleets or He³.

  • 60 raids can take place at any given time.
  • Raids are open 3 times a day.
  • Raids currently have 4 levels I, II, III, IV.
  • During battles the timer stops.
  • After 30 rounds, defenders win the battle and the timer continues.
  • Raids can be intercepted 10 times.
  • only raiders and intercepting fleets battle (no PvE).
  • Raids last 10 minutes.


  • Raiding players send upto 3 fleets (total 6).
  • Each player must use a left or right chart (2 players).
  • After 10m the Raiders win.
  • There is no limit of interceptions, but due to -60 seconds for failed intercept this equates to a maximum of 10.
  • reward is based on the level of raid chart you used.
  • Each time an intercepting player is successfully defeated, the countdown time to completing the raid for the raiding team will be reduced by 60 seconds.
  • Raiders receive consolation prizes for losing. For a level 1 chart these are 30 corsairs' gold + one randomly selected senior metal, he3, or gold pack, or resetting card.


  • Intercepting players send upto 4 fleets total.
  • Each interceptor must spend 100,000 Gold.
  • If interceptors defeat the raiders fleet they win.
  • reward is based on the highest level of Raid chart used


Space raids-blurb

Space Raids in game Blurb

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