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About Ship Design[edit | edit source]

To the right is the screen where you design your own ships to your own specifications (weapons, shields, etc)

One thing to note is that Ship Design is almost completely determined and driven by Fleet Design. Fleet Design determines the specifications that you will use to design your ships. It is recommended that you review Fleet Design first.

See also: Ship Design Suggestions

Something to know when designing a ship is that every Atomic Framework or Orbital Shield adds 1 second to ship building time, so its best to take that into consideration with early designs where this is a factor.

NOTE: When naming a ship do not include space in the name or any other illegal chars or the ship design will not be saved and your module choices will reset, the period '.', dash '-', and underline '_' are allowed.

Some things to consider when designing fleets[edit | edit source]

Each type of weapon has a different attack range.
Ballistic Weapons: 1-2 (1-4 with research)
Directional Weapons: 2-5 (2-6 with research)
Missile Weapons:5-8 (5-8 with research)
Ship-Based Weapons: 6-10 (6-15 with research)
Weapon range should be taken into account when it comes to deciding the movement speed of a ship design. One strategy some players use in PvP is to use very fast (~10 movement) missile or ship-based fleets set to maximum range. This makes them very difficult to destroy with slow ballistic or directional fleets.

The cool down (abbreviated as CD in-game) is the number of rounds a weapon needs to recharge. During the cool down, the weapon won't attack, but your ships will still move. Ballistic Weapons have 0 cool down, making them attack every round. Directional Weapons have 1 round of cool down, Missile Weapons have 2 rounds of cool down and Ship-Based Weapons have 3 rounds of cool-down, although longer cooldown weapons deal appropriately more damage when they do attack. A useful tactic for mitigating the downsides of long cooldowns is to to use 2 or more unique weapons in a ship design. For example, if a ship is equipped with an equal number of level 2 and 3 of a particular weapon, only one weapon group will fire if that proves sufficient to destroy an enemy ship stack. This tactic gives the slow, hard hitting weapon types more versatility than faster weapons: against weak enemies, they can attack frequently just as faster weapons can, while against stronger enemies they can deal large amounts of damage in a single attack, which is essential for defeating enemies with large amounts of damage negation.

Ship Design Chapters[edit | edit source]

Ship Design

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Ballistic Weapons  · Directional Weapons  · Missile Weapons  · Ship-Based Weapons  · Planetary Weapons  · ALL


Structure Modules  · Shield Modules  · Air Defense Modules


Electronic Modules  · Storage Modules  · Transmission Modules

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