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On January 7th 2014 scenario instances has been changed. Now you need to win 10 fights instead of 50 to get highest reward and scenario instance is reseting every 24 hours instead of 48 hours.


About Scenario Instances

This GOII instance is scenario based. Only by finishing a scenario will you be able to continue on to the next scenario and every scenario will offer rewards relating to the story at hand.

These are also known as Trial Instances. Where there used to be 50 trials, there are now ten and the rewards have been downgraded. Rather, the probability of some drops, like the Eos Phase Shift Engine has been reduced.

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In these instances your Commander Cards do not gain experience, that is your Commanders will not level up here, unlike other instances.


1. Scenario instance is built of 10 unique scenarios. Finishing the objectives of a scenario will allow you to challenge the next scenario.

2. As in previous instances, you can exit any time during a scenario. Completed scenarios can not be replayed before the scenario-based instance challenge data are cleared out.

3. While challenging any scenario, you are unable to enter Common Instance, Restricted Instance, or League Match.

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4. The scenario-based instance data will be cleared out every 24 hours. You must start the challenges from the first scenario after this takes place.

5. Should you fail to finish a scenario, you are allowed to challenge the scenario again until you complete the objectives or the scenario data refreshes.

6. CPU enemies will progressively increase in difficulty as you complete individual scenarios.

7. Scenario-Based Instance battles will charge He3 but will not result in ship destruction.

8. Scenarios must be completed within 30 rounds or it will time out.

Scenario Instance level 7+

After Level 7 of the Scenario instances, pirates will become much more challenging. All of the pirates are special hull ships. Most of the ships seen are Daybreak , Aggressive Warlord and Quick Assault. They have the capability to penetrate and also damage Independence shields. After Independence shields are down, the Independence will become vulnerable to any attack. So be careful.


1. Rewards will be issued for every completed scenario.

2. Completing the final scenario MAY earn you a Final Scenario Chest. (if you are very lucky) This treasure chest will contain one of these nine items:

You will also be able to sell these in the Auction House. All nine of these items can be sold, as they're all unlocked.

About costs

SP Card.gif

1. Scenarios will charge 1 SP and a variable Gold fee in order to participate in challenges.

2. Scenario battles will consume He3.

3. Scenario battles will not result in permanent destruction of warships.


Scenario Mode Level 3 gameplay.


Scenario Instance 5

Scenario Instance 5.

1. Open the Instance pane.

2. Select a scenario and dispatch fleets (A maximum of 4 fleets are allowed per scenario).

3. Initiate the battle.

4. Spaceships destroyed will be automatically revived after each battle.

5. Rewards earned in Scenario-Based Instances will be delivered directly to your in-game mailbox.

Scenario viewer

The following link is an interactive view of all of the scenarios and trials, ships and information. A very useful tool.


As of 20th of March 2014,

Content Update:

Major changes to the reward pool including increased drop rates for certain items for 10 Trials Instances.

SP1: added primus cubes x5
SP2: added primus cubes x5, gift pack x5
SP3: added primus cubes x5, gift pack x5
SP4: added primus cubes x5, gift pack x5
SP5: added primus cubes x5, gift pack x5
SP6: added primus cubes x5, gift pack x5
SP7: added primus cubes x5, gift pack x5
SP8: added primus cubes x10, gift pack x5, frigate diamond-III, shred IV x20
      removed badges
SP9: added primus cubes x10, gift pack x5, cruiser diamond-III,
SP10: added const pass, super cc, gen-II wep, gen-II defense
      removed reset, honour, badge, adv truce

Level Description Cost Your Fleets Enemy Fleets Possible Rewards Pirate Ship Types
Trial 01 icon.png Trial of Courage GoldResourceIcon.gif 1000 SP Card.gif 4 3

SP Card.gif,Revival Card .gif,Healing Card.gif,Blueprint Shred-I.pngx5 Primus Cubes.pngx5

Trial 02 icon.png Trial of Intellect GoldResourceIcon.gif 2000 SP Card.gif 4 3 Metal Mining Boost.gif,Galaxy Transfer.gifPrimus Cubes.pngx5,Gift Pack B.pngx5
Trial 03 icon.png Trial of Persistence GoldResourceIcon.gif 3000 SP Card.gif 4 4 He3MiningBoost.png,Construction Card.gif,Blueprint Shred-II.pngx5 Primus Cubes.pngx5,Gift Pack B.pngx5
Trial 04 icon.png Trial of Strength GoldResourceIcon.gif 4000 SP Card.gif 4 4 Reseting Card.gif,Extra Tax.gif,Truce Card.gifPrimus Cubes.pngx5,Gift Pack B.pngx5
Trial 05 icon.png Trial of Loyalty GoldResourceIcon.gif 5000 SP Card.gif 4 5 Reseting Card.gif,Passport icon.png,Extra Tax(Adv).gif,Blueprint Shred-III.pngx5,Primus Cubes.pngx5,Gift Pack B.pngx5
Trial 06 icon.png Trial of Justice GoldResourceIcon.gif 6000 SP Card.gif 4 6 Reseting Card.gif,Raw Gemstone.png ,Badge Large.jpgx5Primus Cubes.pngx5,Gift Pack B.pngx5
Trial 07 icon.png Trial of Confidence GoldResourceIcon.gif 7000 SP Card.gif 4 7 Reseting Card.gif,Raw Gemstone.png,Badge Large.jpgx 7,Blueprint Shred-IV.pngx5 Primus Cubes.pngx5,Gift Pack B.pngx5
Trial 08 icon.png Blood Trial GoldResourceIcon.gif 8000 SP Card.gif 4 8 Reseting Card.gif,Raw Gemstone.png,Primus Cubes.pngx10,Gift Pack B.pngx5Frigate Diamond-III.pngBlueprint Shred-IV.pngx20 Daybreak-III icon2.pngQuick Assault-III icon.gifAggressive Warlord-IIIb icon.png
Trial 09 icon.png Life Trial GoldResourceIcon.gif 9000 SP Card.gif 4 9 Reseting Card.gif,Raw Gemstone.png,Blueprint Shred-V.pngx5,Primus Cubes.pngx10,Gift Pack B.pngx5Cruiser Diamond-III.png Last Stand-III icon.pngStriking Sword-III icon.pngAlliance Admiral-III icon.png
Trial 10v2 icon.png Ultimate Trial of Glory GoldResourceIcon.gif 10,000 SP Card.gif 4 10 Eos Phase Shift Engine BP.jpegTempest icon.png Judgment icon.png Cyclone icon.png Avalanche icon.pngTerminator icon.pngZeus icon.pngNebula icon.png Space Citadel icon.png Reseting Card.gif 2 Honor Medal Large.jpg 50 Badge Large.jpg 20 Adv Galaxy Transfer.gifAdv Truce Card.png Shadow Guardian-III icon.pngNihelbet-III icon.pngPresidio of Glory-III icon.png

Total Gold Required : GoldResourceIcon.gif 55,000

Total SP Required : 10

I will edit the table to add these to Trail 10.

Trial 10 - Ultimate Trial of Glory Final Scenario Chest (Trial Blueprint)
Adv Galaxy Transfer, Constellation Pass
Super Commander Card, Gen-II Weapon Chest*
Gen-II Defense Chest**, Left Ruins Chart III
Left Ruins Chart IV, Right Ruins Chart III
Right Ruins Chart IV

*** Weapons Bloodspur - Ballistic
Shooting Star - Ballistic
Phantom Ray - Directional
Scorpion Stinger - Directional
Shadowflare - Missile
Red Comet - Missile
Dark Spector - Ship Based
Chronus Wing - Ship Based
*** Shields Sagan Heat Shield
Sagan Kinetic Shield
Sagan Magnetic Shield
Sagan Anti-Explosive Shield

*-Contains a Constellation Instance Weapon BP **-Contains a Constellation Instance Shield BPI will add these to the table when i have time.

      • _ These are what we all think is in 2nd Gen chest. use this asa guide only.

Beginner Tips

An easy way to get rid of these instances safe is by using an DFA at least 3* and with gems , so that instance commanders won't be able to proc . Also , using agility > 16 ships with 700+ dodge commanders can immune almost all missle and ship-based weapon till the end . Personally using a 5* Divine with full dodge gem (730 dodge), Hamdar with 16.5 agility can tank up everything with a GForce flagged full fleet .

Starting off from single corner is a good strategy in 7+ level of Scenario instance , especially if you get Nexus to regenerate shield . In that case , part of the enemy won't be firing at you in first round , and can buy you some time to kill enemy fleet one by one without taking heavy fire and get fleets killed fast .

Other Instances

Choose an instance:

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