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Online EZ Rewards

The Online EZ Rewards is a daily awards program that gives the player specific rewards based on the amount of time they are playing during the day. The icon at the left of your screen shows a countdown which counts down to a specific prize. Once the prize is claimed, the next prize will start the next countdown. Each of these items can be collected once during the day and every day this resets. The user can log off and log on throughout the day. The timer only counts down when the user is online. It will save its current position if the user logs off. When the user logs back on, the timer will continue where it left off. It will not start over. All items are bound to the player.
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Reward to be Claimed

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Holiday EZ Rewards

Holiday EZ RewardsEdit

Online EZ Rewards3

Total time to gain all rewards : 7 Hrs

EZ Reward Item Time
New Year's Chest Holiday Chest 00:15:00
100 Corsairs' Gold Corsair's Gold Large 00:15:00
100 Vouchers Gift Pack B 00:30:00
Burning Triad-I * 2 01:00:00
Guardian Triad-I * 2 01:00:00
Giant Triad-I * 2 02:00:00
Holiday Planet Holiday Planet 1 02:00:00

EZ RewardsEdit

Online EZ Rewards2

Total time to gain all rewards : 9 hrs 45mins

EZ Reward Item Time
70 Corsairs Chests 00:15:00
Galaxy Transfer 00:30:00
Raw Gemstones 5 00:30:00
Passport 01:00:00
Resetting Card 02:00:00
Skill Commander Card 02:00:00
Super Commander Card 03:00:00

*Newly entered information may not be all correct, as it has been done by memory