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Instance Map

Instances are a very important aspect to the player. Here players fight against enemy A.I. ships to win Treasure Boxes that will either contain a prize of resources or a set of Blueprints.

Each Instance provides different challenges which get progressivly tougher at higher levels. However, completion of higher levels yeild better rewards than lower levels.

Blueprints are level dependent meaning that only specific Blueprints can be aquired at certain levels.

Unfortunately the game designers have neglected to provide any real explanation as to how one can 'win' each battle. However, almost all normal instance enemy ships are available for sale through your corps mall , thus you can preview those ships and figure out how to beat them. Most enemy mall ships are glass cannons (ie. they have weak shields, but a big weapon).

In normal instances, enemy Missile fleets will attack your fleet having the strongest total attack rating and enemy Ship-Based fleets will attack your fleet with the highest total durability rating. Enemy Ballistic and Directional fleets are usually set to attack closest. Thus it will be useful to form fleets that are meant to lure enemy fire from missiles or fighters, comprised of ships designed as specific counters to those threats. For example, having high shields combined with fighter interception modules is a good idea. Or using missile interception modules and Nano or Neutralizing  armor  in fleets with your biggest guns is also important. Having kinetic, heat and magnetic shielding modules with Regen or Chrome armor is important for ships likely to be engaged against enemy ballistic/directional fleets.

The order in which you activate each fleet when setting up the instance in your space station determines the starting position of that fleet. The first fleet you choose to participate will be in position #1, the second in position #2, etc. Order can be useful in certain instances, where some start positions are more exposed to enemy fire than others.

In general the enemy mall ships have high movement rates. This means it is impractical to build fleets that can "outrun" them. Really all you need is a fleet speed that can get you to within your weapon's effective range so you can shoot back. As a genral rule, this means having speed + your maxium weapon range = 10 (ie. you can catch up to and shoot at an enemy fleet that uses ship-based weapons). However, be aware that slow fleets armed with missiles or ship-based weapons won't be able to shoot at nearby enemies unless they can move far enough away to put the enemy at 'minimum' range. Using two fleets in tandem can overcome these obstacles, for example a 'slow' fleet designed to tank damage and a 'fast' fleet designed to attack enemies.

While at the start you should be concentrating on building up your Logistics Construction Science tech levels, once you begin doing instances you should at least go after the low-hanging fruit in both weapons and shield tech. The first few tech levels in each category are quite inexpensive and quick to research. Once your economic tech is maxed-out, research the top row of Ship Defense Science , as this will help reduce your He3 expenditures in the instances. Then choose your prefered weapon type (generally its recommended to start with Ballistics Science  or Directional Science  ) and research till you get scatter/piercing damage tech.

[Instance Viewer][edit | edit source]

The following [[1]] is an interactive view of all of the instances, ships and information. A very useful tool.

Normal Instances[edit | edit source]

Pirates from Instance 28 scramble.

Instance Level Name Max Fleets Checkpoints EXP Reward
1 Instance 1 icon.gif Ancestral Recall 3 1 180 TreasureBox01.png
2 Instance 2 icon.gif Deadzone 4 1 500 TreasureBox02.png
3 Instance 3 icon.gif Bravery 4 1 1,000 TreasureBox03.png
4 Instance 4 icon.gif Ambush 5 1 1,540 TreasureBox04.png
5 Instance 5 icon.gif Defending Yourself 5 1 1,820 TreasureBox05.png
6 Instance 6 icon.gif To Victory 6 1 2,310 TreasureBox06.png
7 Instance 7 icon.gif Annihilation 8 1 3,220 TreasureBox07.png
8 Instance 8 icon.gif Hellish Ventures 8 1 4,340 TreasureBox08.png
9 Instance 9 icon.gif Duel 8 1 5,250 TreasureBox09.png
10 Instance 10 icon.gif Lost 10 1 6,300 TreasureBox10.png
11 Instance 11 icon.gif Wonderland 10 1 8,400 TreasureBox11.png
12 Instance 12 icon.gif Dead or Alive 10 1 10,500 TreasureBox12.png
13 Instance 13 icon.gif Ship Graveyard 10 1 14,000 TreasureBox13.png
14 Instance 14 icon.gif E.C.R 10 1 17,500 TreasureBox14.png
15 Instance 15 icon.gif Free Flight 12 1 21,000 TreasureBox15.png
16 Instance 16 icon.gif Spell Break 12 1 24,500 TreasureBox16.png
17 Instance 17 icon.gif Lucky Zodiac 12 1 28,000 TreasureBox17.png
18 Instance 18 icon.gif The Blackest Hole 12 1 31,500 TreasureBox18.png
19 Instance 19 icon.gif The Matrix Returned 12 1 35,000 TreasureBox19.png
20 Instance 20 icon.gif Timewhirl 12 1 38,500 TreasureBox20.png
21 Instance 21 icon.gif Bushwhacked 15 1 42,000 TreasureBox21.png
22 Instance 22 icon.gif The Gathering 15 1 45,500 TreasureBox22.png
23 Instance 23 icon.gif Saving Grace 15 1 49,000 TreasureBox23.png
24 Instance 24 icon.gif Prowler 15 1 52,500 TreasureBox24.png
25 Instance 25 icon.gif Faceoff-I 15 1 56,000 TreasureBox25.png
26 Instance 26 icon.gif Faceoff-II 15 1 59,500 TreasureBox26.png
27 Instance 27 icon.gif Broken Pact 15 1 63,000 TreasureBox27.png
28 Instance 28 icon.gif Smashing 15 1 66,500 TreasureBox28.png
29 Instance 29 icon.png B.P 15 1 70,000 TreasureBox29.png
30 Instance 30 icon.gif Triumphant Glory 15 1 73,500 TreasureBox30.png

Instance Rewards - Blueprints[edit | edit source]

Usual reward is a Treasure Box Treasure Box which contains small amount of any of the three resources, He3ResourceIcon.gif He3, MetalResourceIcon.gif Metal or GoldResourceIcon.gif Gold. If you are lucky and repeat the same Instance you will get at some point a Blueprint dependent on the instance level. See the Blueprint section for more information.

Other Instances[edit | edit source]

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