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When designing Ships, the actual order you place certain modules is vital to the designs end effectiveness. *citation needed

Order things should be Placed, First to Last[edit | edit source]

1. Reflective Plating icon.png Reflective Plating  

2. Team Combat Engine icon.png Anti-matter Engine icon.png Eos Phase Shift Engine BP.jpeg Engines (Team Combat Engine, Anti-Matter Engine and EOS Phase Shift Engine due to their bonuses)

3. Agility Booster icon.png Infrared Scanner icon.gifECM Booster icon.png Auto Target System icon.pngImage135.jpg Electronic Modules (Agility Booster, Infrared Scanner, ECM, Auto target System, Time Dilation Module)

4. Gravity Maint Facility icon.png Ship Reinforcement Facility.gif Shield Regenerator icon.pngHull Maintenance Mechanic icon.png Gravity Maintenance Facility, Ship Reinforcement Facility, Shield Regenerator, Hull Maintenance Mechanic

5. Anti-Aircraft Cannon.gif Missile Interception icon.pngFighter Interception Cabin icon.pngPowered Pulse Cannon icon.png Anti-Aircraft Cannon, Missile Interception,Fighter Interception Cabin,Powered Pulse Cannon, Ship based Weapons - Note that Ship based weapons act like interception modules with last tech

6. SBW Weapons

7.Extreme Counterattack icon.png  Extreme Counterattack

8. Quick Reaction Armor icon.png Quick Reaction Armor

9.  Daedalus Control System icon.png Daedalus Control System

10. Eos Phase Shift Shield icon.png Sagan Explosive Shield.pngSagan Magnetic Shield.png Sagan Heat Shield.pngSagan Kinetics Shield.png Detonator Shield icon.png Space-Time Magnetic Shield icon.png Heat Diffusion Shield icon.pngParticle Stun Shield icon.png Shield Modules (Eos, Heat... etc)

11. Energy Shield Booster (Blueprint).gif Energy Shield Booster

12. Energy Armor icon.png Energy Armor

13. All NON-SBW Weapons 

(Ship-Based Weapons should be placed before Daedalus and/or Quick Reaction Armor) 

Modules Unaffected By Placement order[edit | edit source]

These modules are unaffected by placement order:

1. Nano Station Warehouse icon.png Nano Station Warehouse

2. Station Warehouse icon.png Station Warehouse

3. Atomic Framework icon.png Atomic Framework

4. Orbital Shield icon.png Orbital Shield

5. Super Transmission Engine icon.pngSuper Transmission Engine

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