Ins[edit | edit source]

Instance Map

Instances are a very important aspect of the game. Here players fight against enemy A.I. ships to win Treasure Boxes that will either contain a prize of resources - gold, metal or He3, or a blueprint.

Each instance provides different challenges which get progressively tougher at higher levels. However, completion of higher levels yields better rewards than lower levels.

Blueprints are instance-dependent meaning that specific blueprints can only be acquired from specific instances.

Instance viewer[edit | edit source]

The following link is an interactive view of all of the instances, ships and information. A very useful tool.

If that link doesn't work try this [link].

Instance Navigator[edit | edit source]

Choose an instance:

Normal.png Restricted.png Trial.png Constellations.png

Farming Instances[edit | edit source]

Instances can be run repeatedly for accumulation of rewards and in-game wealth.

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