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The Defense Module is displayed when the Ships Design icon is selected on the lower toolbar. Each ship can be equipped with an Attack Module , Defense Modules , and Auxiliary Modules . Since each hull design has a specific storage volume for these modules, you must choose your modules wisely when equipping a ship. The Defense Modules consist of three different defense modules:

Structure Modules[edit | edit source]

  • Structure Modules - These modules provide various improvements to your Hull, Overall Defense, added ship stability, reducing damage and
    Quick Reaction Armor icon.png
    reflecting damage. Some modules can only be outfitted with one module, while other structure modules do not have a max. Some use He3, but not very much, except for the Energy Armor.

Shield Modules[edit | edit source]

  • Shield Modules - Shield modules provide the shields for your ships. There are four different types of Shield Modules:
    • Kinetic (from Ballistic & Ship Based Weapons) (Particle Stun Shield)
      Particle Stun Shield icon.png
    • Heat (from Ballistic, Directional & Ship Based Weapons) (Heat Diffusion Shield)
    • Magnetic (From Directional & Ship Based Weapons) (Space-Time Magnetic Shield)
    • Explosive (From Missile & Ship Based Weapons) (Detonator Shield)

These Shields work in defending your ships from the various weapons. Other shield modules also increase your overall shields, add shield effectiveness, restore your shields, and reduce damage from weaponry.

Air Defense Modules[edit | edit source]

  • Air Defense Modules - Air Defense Modules provide defensive tactics for intercepting missiles and
    Fighter Interception Cabin icon.png
    fighters. Some Air Defense Modules also reflect damage.

What is the best combination?[edit | edit source]

There are many different ways to approach adding defensive shields on ships. Some say to put half of the volume into weaponry and the other half into shields, structures, air defense and transmission modules. If your fleet will be at a minimum range of 1-3 mostly because you have equipped your ships with Ballistics and Directional Weapons, you may want to load up on Kinetic, Heat and Magnetic Weapons in a 1:2:1 fashion. With 2 Heat Shields for every 1 Kinetic and Magnetic Shield, this will be more effective against more weapons. Since 3 of the 4 types of weapons can be Heat weapons, it does make sense to load up on Heat Shields. Kinetic Shields may not be needed on a fleet that is Max Range and only fires Missiles and Ship-Based Weapons (provided you can outrun those pesky Ballistic Fleets). Please edit this section with some your thoughts on the best combinations or comment below.

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