Corsairs’ GoldEdit

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Galactic Trafficker Screen

The space pirates were first to discover the wondrous Humaroids. They risked life and limb to collect these precious fragments which they called Corsairs’ Gold. This rare mineral charged with weird and powerful energy is now sought by the scientists of the Cybernetics Center. Players can obtain and exchange them for a chance to receive a Bionic Chip.

The Icon looks like this Corsairs gold 999

There are three ways to obtain Corsairs’ Gold:

1. Successfully exploring a Humaroid, for which they will receive a number of Corsairs' chests containing Corsairs Gold.

2. In the Galactic Trafficker Screen, players can select Commander Cards or Blueprints to exchange for Corsairs’ Gold.

3. Badges or Honor Points can buy Cosairs' Chests containing Corsairs' Gold

- During the process of drawing for a Bionic Chip, players may select to use MP if they do not have enough Corsairs’ Gold.

- The Compounding Center has a new implant Bionic Chips menu tab for players to install Bionic Chips into their Commanders.

Ways to Obtain Corsairs' GoldEdit


One way to obtain Corsairs' Gold is to complete Humaroids. The higher level of difficulty the Humaroid is, the more Corsairs' Gold you will obtain. The list of Corsairs' Gold payouts for each Humaroid is found in the Humaroid-Battles page.

Galactic TraffickerEdit

You can convert Blueprints and Commander Cards to Corsairs' Gold using the Galactic Trafficker. In order to determine the Corsair Gold value for each Blueprint or Commander Card, see the Blueprint or Commander Card pages.

Badge PointsEdit

Badge Points can be converted into Corsairs' Gold at a 1:1 rate via the Web Mall.

Honor PointsEdit

Honor Points can be converted into Corsairs' Gold at a 3:1 rate via the Web Mall.

Online EZ RewardsEdit

The last reward for the day (7th item available after about 7 hours) is 100 Corsair Gold chests with 1 Corsair Gold in each.


  • EZ Rewards (100 Corsairs' Gold)
  • Humaroids (Depending on the level 30-530 Corsairs' Gold)

Web MallEdit

  • Badge points (1:1 Corsairs' Gold)
  • Honor points (3:1 Corsairs' Gold)

Galactic TraffickerEdit

  • Blueprints (see Blueprints for Consairs' Gold per BP)
  • Commander Cards
  • Recources Bonuses (any of them, Planets, Mining Boosters, Tax, Events) (MVP tool not confirmed)
  • Huma Gems
  • Truce Card (NOT Adv. Truce Card)

Best Tips for Obtaining Corsairs' GoldEdit

The easiest way to obtain Corsairs' Gold is to do League Matches. After gaining Honor Points from League Matches, you can then convert them into Corsair's Gold.

Another easy way to obtain Corsairs' Gold is to farm Humaroids.