Welcome to the Corps Mall[edit | edit source]

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Here you can purchase ships from your corps at a price of your donations. This is a added benefit for donating to your corps as when you donate to your corps it give your corps a chance to upgrade the corps mall for better ships, plus increases your corps wealth. Each level the Corp upgrades their Corps Mall, the better the ships are. These ships are sold in lots of 100 and come in different configurations.

Corps Mall Upgrades[edit | edit source]

LVL Wealth Cost Upgrade Time in HH:MM:SS
1 400 00:40:00
2 800 03:20:00
3 1,600 06:40:00
4 3,200 12:00:00
5 6,400 20:00:00
6 12,800 30:40:00
7 25,600 44:00:00
8 51,200 60:00:00
9 102,400 80:00:00
10 204,800 100:00:00

Note: Wealth is calculated based on how many resources your members contribute to the Corps.

  • 10 000 resources = 1 contribution point
  • 1 mall point = 1 contribution point
  • 1 contribution point = 1 wealth point

Mall Contents[edit | edit source]

This is a list of ships available in the Corps Mall. Ships are purchased with Contribution points in stacks of 100. All ships of the current level and all previous levels are for sale.

Mall Level Ship Name Ship Type Weapon Type/ Purpose Damage Type Contribution Points
1 Battleship-A Cruiser Ballistic Heat 32
Tiaz Battleship Directional Heat 41
Nadesico Frigate Missile Explosive 23
Battleship-B Cruiser Ship-based Heat 30
Def Battleship Deke None 43
2 Jumper-A Cruiser Ballistic Kinetic 34
Landing Frigate Directional Magnetic 26
Interceptor Battleship Missile Explosive 46
Jumper-B Cruiser Ship-Based Explosive 32
3 U8-A Cruiser Ballistic Heat 49
Palenque Battleship Directional Heat 55
Hunter Frigate Missile Explosive 36
U8-B Cruiser Ship-based All 40
4 Frigate Frigate Ballistic Kinetic 44
Tracker-A Battleship Directional Magnetic 51
Cruising Cruiser Missile Explosive 57
Tracker-B Battleship Ship-based Heat & Explosive 50
5 RedWolf Frigate Ballistic Heat 40
Ghosty Cruiser Directional Heat 60
Vortex-A Battleship Missile Explosive 45
Vortex-B Battleship Ship-based Magnetic 62
6 Encratos-A Crusier Ballistic Kinetic 57
Cerberus Battleship Directional Magnetic 52
Prometheus Frigate Missile Explosive 52
Encratos-B Cruiser Ship-based Kinetic 57
7 Hawk Frigate Ballistic Heat 59
Nyx-A Cruiser Directional Heat 63
Start Battleship Missile Explosive 64
Nyx-B Cruiser Ship-based Magnetic 60
8 Max-A Frigate Ballistic Kinetic 62
Max-B Cruiser Directional Magnetic 65
Max-C Battleship Missile Explosive 79
Max-D Battleship Ship-based Heat 70
Meatshield Battleship Deke None 95
9 New-A Special (Frigate) Ballistic Heat 108
New-B Special (Cruiser) Directional Heat 111
New-C Special (Battleship) Missile Explosive 125
New-D Special (Frigate) Ship-based Kinetic 115
10* New-E Special (Cruiser) Ballistic Heat+Kinetic 125
New-F Frigate Directional Heat+Magnetic 130
New-G Battleship Missile Explosive 130
New-H Frigate Ship-based Kinetic+Explosive 130

Deke - a mock attack designed to distract adversary; Word origin: decoy.

Mall Ships
Mall Level 1

Battleship-A  · Tiaz  · Nadesico  · Battleship-B  · Def

Mall Level 2

Jumper-A  · Landing  · Interceptor  · Jumper-B

Mall Level 3

U8-A  · Palenque  · Hunter  · U8-B

Mall Level 4

Frigate  · Tracker-A  · Cruising  · Tracker-B

Mall Level 5

RedWolf  · Ghosty  · Vortex-A  · Vortex-B

Mall Level 6

Encratos-A  · Cerberus  · Prometheus  · Encratos-B

Mall Level 7

Hawk  · Nyx-A  · The Heavenly Start  · Nyx-B

Mall Level 8

Max-A  · Max-B  · Max-C  · Max-D  · Meatshield

Mall Level 9

New-A  · New-B  · New-C  · New-D

Mall Level 10

New-E  · New-F  · New-G  · New-H

Mall ship effectiveness[edit | edit source]

This section talks about if a mall ship should be bought, and how effective it is when comparing to its contribution points cost.

For example, the Meatshield level 8 ship includes both the ECM Booster and Agility Booster Blueprints. Both are useful only for the Agility the give, as Meatshield has no weapons. However, meatshield ships have a total agility rating of 9.4 . According to the Agility page, agility is nearly useless when below the rating of 10. So, the meatshield ship includes two virtually useless blueprints , thus possibly has some of a lower effectiveness than other similar ships. Also note its high contribution points cost, when compared to other ships of its level.

Note, however, that even if some ships have a relative mathematical waste of space due to their blueprints or other, they might still be powerful or more effective compared to its cost than ships of the same level. For example, the meatshield ship might still be good at absorbing damage even though it wastes space for agility, and probably is more effective than other ships of its level, as they lack defensive blueprints.

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