Galaxy Online II is home to several different servers each with many corps. Each server has its own power struggles as Corps in one server could be in an all out Galactic War with each other, however in other servers the Corps could be a bit more friendly and NPC combat focused.

Corps are basically a group of friends, alliance of military forces and coalition or of militant cities, planets and governments that work together as a unit, they can control and own the Resource Bonus Planets (RBP's), engage in warfare and also fight NPC combat challanges called Pirates, most Corps have entry requirements; some examples: level 15+; Daily player or Invite only.

Donations of your resources to your Corp are an important part of being a corp member. Donations are from 20 - 200 contribution points per day, for 200 you would need to Donate 2,000,000 of resources everyday to your Corp, donations are equal to 1 contribution point for each 10,000 in Resources, except Mall points which are 1:1. The more the Corp receives in Donations, the faster they build Corp Wealth, which they will need to upgrade Resource Bonus Planets and the Corp Mall and other Corp services.

See Corporation Donations & Wealth for more details.

Each Corp has its own Corp Mall, where you may buy ships with your contribution points, these ships could be much better than anything you could make yourself, so donating is a win for Corp and you. The higher level your Corp is, the higher level your Corp Mall can be. Higher Levels mean better ships for sale.

Corps bonuses[edit | edit source]

Corps provides Resources bonus based on lvl and number of Resource Bonus Planets captured and also provide bonus to tech research time based on how many Resource Bonus Planets the corps have and their levels.

Corps Pages[edit | edit source]

For details of Corps present on a particular server see the player corps page, if your corp isn't listed on your servers page why not add it!.

Corps Menu / Join List

We also encourage corps to add to these pages about their Corp and maintain and update this information, this can be a useful tool; not only recruiting new players into Corps; but also for new players looking for Corp to join on their Server.

On the individual Corps pages, feel free to brag or show your rank and any information you want about your Corp. We also encourage editing the servers page list of the Corp names and we need editors from all of the servers to help out on this one.

Have a look at S06. Bootes which is a well maintained example

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