Players inventory known as their "Box" in game.

Items are a varied set of objects in the game you can use to increase you production, learn new ship designs, gain and upgrade your commanders and even move your planet. Your items are stored in your bag under the My Tools tab. They can be gained through completing Quests, Purchased with MallPointsResourceIcon.gif mall points or Vouchers in the Web Mall and won by spinning the Lucky Wheel , and rewarded through completing Instances. Items without a lock in their icon can also be bought and sold in the auction house .

Types of Items[edit | edit source]

  • Development Items: Items that give resources and boost resource production and construction.
  • Battle Items: These items include cards that allow your to revive, heal and otherwise affect your commander. It also includes items to move your planet, speak in global chat and protect your planet from attack.
  • Gems: These are items you attach to a commander to increase his dodge, attack, defense, and electron.
  • Blueprints: Items that teach you new ship designs and modules for your ship.
  • Commander Cards: The distilled essence of skilled, super or legendary commander. Used to obtain higher better commanders.
  • Treasure Box: Reward for completing an Instance. Will contain either He3, Metal, Gold, or Blueprint.
  • Scroll Chests: Reward obtained from Constellation's, containing Divine Scroll's.

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