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Everything you wanted to know about the Collision Chaos expansion of 8th May 2012 but were too lazy to figure out for yourself.

Critisism and DefenceEdit

Like any major update, there has been a fair amount of critisism and debate about the new features, as always we try to be impartial here, so i've given both the most common critisisms and defences to thoe that i've heard.

Critisism: Level 5+ is too hard, no matter how strong is ship .. 1 hit kills

Defence: Well Humar 5+ is very tough but once people have bionics of thier own then - those will also be do-able

C: They completely ruined the game .. just for greed $$

D: Not really - people on older servers have complained for ages that they have nothing left to buy, as they already have all level 9 cc's, some servers are newer so it's not an issue yet, but it would have been eventually

C: Nothing is ballanced anymore, the high levels have too much advantage

D: It's easy for lower levels players to get access to these new features, you can get Corsairs with Badges, Honor, MP's, CC's, BP's or hit the lower level 1 or 2 humaroid planets, therefore the lower levels have access to these new features too.

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