Examples of Blueprints

About Blueprints

Blueprints are a mainstay of the game. Blueprints come in two different forms: Ship modules (attack, defense, and auxiliary) and the ship itself. They can be acquired through several means:

  • Initial Blueprints given out during the initial quests of the game.,
  • Blueprints obtained by completing Restricted Instances and using Badge Points to purchase the Blueprints in the Web Mall.

The Auction House provides players with the ability to purchase blueprints that other players put on sale, although it is easier than doing the instances, it can get quite expensive for more powerful Blueprints.

Instances are the other way to acquire blueprints, this way is much more cost effective but requires a lot of luck and patience to acquire them. Each Blueprint is matched up with a different instance, the weaker blueprints matched up with the beginning instances and the more powerful ones matched up with the higher ones.

Once the Blueprint is achieved either by opening a treasure box or by buying it in the Auction House , the player must go to their bag to activate it so they can start using it within the game.

Blueprints acquired through Instances and not activated by the player can be sold through the Auction House for Gold or Mall Points . Blueprints can also be sold for Corsairs' Gold at the Galactic Trafficker .

Initial Blueprints and Quest Blueprints

These are the initial Blueprints and Blueprints obtained from quests in the first part of the game. You can also sell these Blueprints for Corsairs' Gold at the Galactic Trafficker . The values of Corsairs' Gold are indicated below.

Type Name Corsairs' Gold
Frigate Blueprint Weikes BP.jpg Weikes (Blueprint) Corsairs gold.png 1
Cruiser Blueprint Typhoon BP.jpg Typhoon (Blueprint) Corsairs gold.png 1
Battleship Blueprint Estrella BP.jpg Estrella (Blueprint) Corsairs gold.png 1
Planet Blueprint Lander Module icon.png Lander Module (Blueprint) Corsairs gold.png 1
Ballistics Blueprint Rapid Fire icon.png Rapid Fire (Blueprint) Corsairs gold.png 1
Ballistics Blueprint Taskmaster icon.png Taskmaster(S)  (Blueprint) Corsairs gold.png 2
Orientation Blueprint Cluster Laser Transmitter icon.png Cluster Laser Transmitter (Blueprint) Corsairs gold.png 1
Orientation Blueprint Magneto Pulsar icon.png Magneto Pulsar (Blueprint) Corsairs gold.png 2
Missile Weapons Rocket Frame icon.png Rocket Frame (Blueprint) Corsairs gold.png 1
Missile Weapons Starlight Missile Pod icon.png "Starlight" Missile Pod (Blueprint) Corsairs gold.png 2
Fighter-based Blueprint Streamliner icon.png Streamliner (Blueprint) Corsairs gold.png 1
Fighter-based Blueprint Golem icon.png Golem (Blueprint) Corsairs gold.png 2
Structure Blueprint Ship Reinforcement Facility icon.png Ship Reinforcement Facility (Blueprint) Corsairs gold.png 1
Shield Blueprint Energy Shield Booster icon.png Energy Shield Booster (Blueprint) Corsairs gold.png 1
Air-Defence Blueprint Anti-Aircraft Cannon icon.png Anti-Aircraft Cannon (Blueprint) Corsairs gold.png 1
Transmission Blueprint Super Transmission Engine icon.png Super Transmission Engine (Blueprint) Corsairs gold.png 1

Instance Blueprints

These Blueprints are obtained by completing Instances. Some of these Blueprints can also be purchased at the Web Mall using Honor Points obtained from League Matches or purchased using Badge Points by completing Restricted Instances. You can also sell these Blueprints for Corsairs' Gold at the Galactic Trafficker . The values of Corsairs' Gold are indicated below. You can sort this table by Instance Level to see the Blueprints grouped by Instances.

Type Name Instance Lvl Honor Points Badge Points Corsairs' Gold
Frigate Blueprint Air Wanderer BP.gif Air Wanderer (Blueprint) 1 TreasureBox01.png Corsairs gold.png 2
Frigate Blueprint Valkyrie BP.gif Valkyrie (Blueprint) 4 TreasureBox04.png Corsairs gold.png 3
Frigate Blueprint GoGetter BP.gif GoGetter (Blueprint) 7 TreasureBox07.png Corsairs gold.png 4
Frigate Blueprint Space Hunter BP.gif Space Hunter (Blueprint) 10 TreasureBox10.png Corsairs gold.png 5
Frigate Blueprint Sparrow BP.gif Sparrow (Blueprint) 16 TreasureBox16.png Corsairs gold.png 6
Frigate Blueprint Devourer BP.gif Devourer (Blueprint) 19 TreasureBox19.png Corsairs gold.png 7
Frigate Blueprint Polymesus BP.gif Polymesus (Blueprint) 22 TreasureBox22.png Badge.gif 1000 Corsairs gold.png 8
Frigate Blueprint Cybra BP.gif Cybra (Blueprint) 25 TreasureBox25.png Badge.gif 1300 Corsairs gold.png 9
Frigate Blueprint Hamdar BP.gif Hamdar (Blueprint) 28 TreasureBox28.png Badge.gif 1600 Corsairs gold.png 10
Cruiser Blueprint Bombardier BP.gif Bombardier (Blueprint) 1 TreasureBox01.png Corsairs gold.png 2
Cruiser Blueprint Duke BP.gif Duke (Blueprint) 4 TreasureBox04.png Corsairs gold.png 3
Cruiser Blueprint The Shuttler BP.gif The Shuttler (Blueprint) 7 TreasureBox07.png Corsairs gold.png 4
Cruiser Blueprint Watchman BP.gif Watchman (Blueprint) 10 TreasureBox10.png Corsairs gold.png 5
Cruiser Blueprint Spinner BP.gif Spinner (Blueprint) 16 TreasureBox16.png Corsairs gold.png 6
Cruiser Blueprint Wraith BP.gif Wraith (Blueprint) 19 TreasureBox19.png Corsairs gold.png 7
Cruiser Blueprint Encratos BP.gif Encratos (Blueprint) 22 TreasureBox22.png Badge.gif 1000 Corsairs gold.png 8
Cruiser Blueprint Nicholas BP.gif Nicholas (Blueprint) 25 TreasureBox25.png Badge.gif 1300 Corsairs gold.png 9
Cruiser Blueprint Helena BP.gif Helena (Blueprint) 28 TreasureBox28.png Badge.gif 1600 Corsairs gold.png 10
Battleship Blueprint Nettle BP.gif Nettle (Blueprint) 1 TreasureBox01.png Corsairs gold.png 2
Battleship Blueprint Diaz BP.gif Diaz (Blueprint) 4 TreasureBox04.png Corsairs gold.png 3
Battleship Blueprint RV766-The Explorer BP.gif RV766-The Explorer (Blueprint) 7 TreasureBox07.png Corsairs gold.png 4
Battleship Blueprint Palenka BP.gif Palenka (Blueprint) 10 TreasureBox10.png Corsairs gold.png 5
Battleship Blueprint Howler BP.png Howler (Blueprint) 13 TreasureBox13.png Corsairs gold.png 6
Battleship Blueprint Whirlpool BP.gif Whirlpool (Blueprint) 19 TreasureBox19.png Corsairs gold.png 7
Battleship Blueprint Cerberus BP.gif Cerberus (Blueprint) 22 TreasureBox22.png Badge.gif 1000 Corsairs gold.png 8
Battleship Blueprint Genesis BP.gif Genesis (Blueprint) 25 TreasureBox25.png Badge.gif 1300 Corsairs gold.png 9
Battleship Blueprint Tiamat BP.gif Tiamat (Blueprint) 28 TreasureBox28.png Badge.gif 1600 Corsairs gold.png 10
Special Hull Blueprint Industrial Ship BP.gif Industrial Ship (Blueprint) 13 TreasureBox13.png Corsairs gold.png 1
Special Hull Blueprint Fleetfoot BP.gif Fleetfoot (Blueprint) 13 TreasureBox13.png Corsairs gold.png 5
Special Hull Blueprint Hedgehog BP.gif Hedgehog (Blueprint) 19 TreasureBox19.png Corsairs gold.png 7
Special Hull Blueprint Bolencia Warship BP.png Bolencia Warship (Blueprint) 16 TreasureBox16.png Corsairs gold.png 7
Special Hull Blueprint Independence.png Independence Ship (Blueprint) 9 TreasureBox09.png Corsairs gold.png 5
Ballistics Blueprint Tempest Rapid Fire icon.png "Tempest" Rapid Fire (Blueprint) 3 TreasureBox03.png Corsairs gold.png 3
Ballistics Blueprint Wiseman Scatterbomb icon.png "Wiseman" Scatterbomb (Blueprint) 6 TreasureBox06.png Corsairs gold.png 4
Ballistics Blueprint Gatling Cannon icon.png Gatling Cannon (Blueprint) 9 TreasureBox09.png Corsairs gold.png 5
Ballistics Blueprint Blaze Auto-Cannon icon.png "Blaze" Auto Cannon (Blueprint) 12 TreasureBox12.png Corsairs gold.png 6
Ballistics Blueprint Typhoon Speed Cannon icon.png "Typhoon" Speed Cannon (Blueprint) 15 TreasureBox15.png Corsairs gold.png 1
Ballistics Blueprint Tenho Dimensional Bomb.png "Tenho" Dimensional Bomb (Blueprint) 18 TreasureBox18.png Corsairs gold.png 2
Ballistics Blueprint Flash Sonicbomb icon.png "Flash" Sonicbomb (Blueprint) 21 TreasureBox21.png  2646HP.png Corsairs gold.png 3
Ballistics Blueprint Calamity Howitzer icon.png "Calamity" Howitzer (Blueprint) 24 TreasureBox24.png  3456HP.png Corsairs gold.png 4
Ballistics Blueprint Deathhowl Shockwave icon.png "Deathhowl" Shockwave (Blueprint) 27 TreasureBox27.png  4374HP.png Corsairs gold.png 5
Ballistics Blueprint Ares Widowmaker.png "Ares" Widowmaker (Blueprint) 30 TreasureBox30.png  5400HP.png Corsairs gold.png 6
Orientation Blueprint Pulse Laser Transmitter icon.png Pulse Laser Transmitter (Blueprint) 3 TreasureBox03.png Corsairs gold.png 3
Orientation Blueprint Guided Laser Bomb icon.png Guided Laser Bomb (Blueprint) 6 TreasureBox06.png Corsairs gold.png 4
Orientation Blueprint The Sumo icon.png The Sumo (Blueprint) 9 TreasureBox09.png Corsairs gold.png 5
Orientation Blueprint Magneto Bomb icon.png Magneto Bomb (Blueprint) 12 TreasureBox12.png Corsairs gold.png 6
Orientation Blueprint Plasma Energy Cannon icon.png Plasma Energy Cannon (Blueprint) 15 TreasureBox15.png Corsairs gold.png 1
Orientation Blueprint Positron Bomb icon.gif Positron Bomb (Blueprint) 18 TreasureBox18.png Corsairs gold.png 2
Orientation Blueprint Meltdown icon.png Meltdown (Blueprint) 21 TreasureBox21.png  2646HP.png Corsairs gold.png 3
Orientation Blueprint Heartstopper icon.png Heartstopper (Blueprint) 24 TreasureBox24.png  3456HP.png Corsairs gold.png 4
Orientation Blueprint Princess Lightspear icon.png "Princess" Lightspear (Blueprint) 27 TreasureBox27.png  4374HP.png Corsairs gold.png 5
Orientation Blueprint Tomahawk Godfist icon.png "Tomahawk" Godfist (Blueprint) 30 TreasureBox30.png  5400HP.png Corsairs gold.png 6
Missile Weapons Rocket Booster icon.png Rocket Booster (Blueprint) 3 TreasureBox03.png Corsairs gold.png 3
Missile Weapons Razor Missile Pod icon.png "Razor" Missile Pod (Blueprint) 6 TreasureBox06.png Corsairs gold.png 4
Missile Weapons Refined Rocket Frame icon.png Refined Rocket Frame (Blueprint) 9 TreasureBox09.png Corsairs gold.png 5
Missile Weapons Poacher Firebomb icon.png "Poacher" Firebomb (Blueprint) 12 TreasureBox12.png Corsairs gold.png 6
Missile Weapons Boomerang Rocket Rack icon.png Boomerang Rocket Rack (Blueprint) 15 TreasureBox15.png Corsairs gold.png 1
Missile Weapons Hellfire Missile Pod icon.gif "Hellfire" Missile Pod (Blueprint) 18 TreasureBox18.png Corsairs gold.png 2
Missile Weapons Destroyer Rocket Rack icon.png "Destroyer" Rocket Rack (Blueprint) 21 TreasureBox21.png  2646HP.png Corsairs gold.png 3
Missile Weapons Thunder Missile Pod.png "Thunder" Missile Pod (Blueprint) 24 TreasureBox24.png  3456HP.png Corsairs gold.png 4
Missile Weapons Destroyer Nuclear Rack icon.png "Destroyer" Nuclear Rack (Blueprint) 27 TreasureBox27.png  4374HP.png Corsairs gold.png 5
Missile Weapons Doomsday Nuclear Launcher icon.png "Doomsday" Nuclear Launcher (Blueprint) 30 TreasureBox30.png  5400HP.png Corsairs gold.png 6
Fighter-based Blueprint Hunter Streamliner icon.png "Hunter" Streamliner (Blueprint) 3 TreasureBox03.png Corsairs gold.png 3
Fighter-based Blueprint Ladybug icon.png Ladybug (Blueprint) 6 TreasureBox06.png Corsairs gold.png 4
Fighter-based Blueprint Nomad Streamliner icon.png "Nomad" Streamliner (Blueprint) 9 TreasureBox09.png Corsairs gold.png 5
Fighter-based Blueprint Dragonturtle icon.png Dragonturtle (Blueprint) 12 TreasureBox12.png Corsairs gold.png 6
Fighter-based Blueprint Leopard Streamliner icon.png "Leopard" Streamliner (Blueprint) 15 TreasureBox15.png Corsairs gold.png 1
Fighter-based Blueprint Guardian icon.png Guardian (Blueprint) 18 TreasureBox18.png Corsairs gold.png 2
Fighter-based Blueprint Warhammer Streamliner icon.png "Warhammer" Streamliner (Blueprint) 21 TreasureBox21.png  2646HP.png Corsairs gold.png 3
Fighter-based Blueprint Hammerhead icon.png Hammerhead (Blueprint) 24 TreasureBox24.png  3456HP.png Corsairs gold.png 4
Fighter-based Blueprint Hornet Swarm icon.png Hornet Swarm (Blueprint) 27 TreasureBox27.png  4374HP.png Corsairs gold.png 5
Fighter-based Blueprint Pandora icon.png Pandora (Blueprint) 30 TreasureBox30.png  5400HP.png Corsairs gold.png 6
Planet Blueprint Molotov Cocktail icon.png Molotov Cocktail (Blueprint) 3 TreasureBox03.png Corsairs gold.png 2
Planet Blueprint Heavy Duty icon.png Heavy Duty (Blueprint) 6 TreasureBox06.png Corsairs gold.png 3
Planet Blueprint Star Shooter icon.png Star Shooter (Blueprint) 12 TreasureBox12.png Corsairs gold.png 4
Planet Blueprint Smasher icon.png Smasher (Blueprint) 18 TreasureBox18.png Corsairs gold.png 5
Planet Blueprint Doomsday icon.png Doomsday (Blueprint) 24 TreasureBox24.png  3456HP.png Corsairs gold.png 6
Structure Blueprint Atomic Framework icon.png Atomic Framework (Blueprint) 2 TreasureBox02.png Corsairs gold.png 1
Structure Blueprint Gravity Maint Facility icon.png Gravity Maintenance Facility (Blueprint) 2 TreasureBox02.png Corsairs gold.png 2
Structure Blueprint Hull Maintenance Mechanic icon.png Hull Maintenance Mechanic (Blueprint) 14 TreasureBox14.png Corsairs gold.png 3
Structure Blueprint Quick Reaction Armor icon.png Quick Reaction Armor (Blueprint) 23 TreasureBox23.png  3174HP.png Corsairs gold.png 4
Structure Blueprint Reflective Plating icon.png Reflective Plating (Blueprint) 20 TreasureBox20.png  2400HP.png Corsairs gold.png 5
Structure Blueprint Energy Armor icon.png Energy Armor (Blueprint) 23 TreasureBox23.png  3174HP.png Corsairs gold.png 6
Structure Blueprint Daedalus Control System icon.png Daedalus Control System (Blueprint) 29 TreasureBox29.png  6534HP.png Corsairs gold.png 7
Shield Blueprint Orbital Shield icon.png Orbital Shield (Blueprint) 5 TreasureBox05.png Corsairs gold.png 1
Shield Blueprint Particle Stun Shield icon.png Particle Stun Shield (Blueprint) 2 TreasureBox02.png Corsairs gold.png 2
Shield Blueprint Heat Diffusion Shield icon.png Heat Diffusion Shield (Blueprint) 5 TreasureBox05.png Corsairs gold.png 3
Shield Blueprint Space-Time Magnetic Shield icon.png Space-Time Magnetic Shield (Blueprint) 8 TreasureBox08.png Corsairs gold.png 4
Shield Blueprint Detonator Shield icon.png Detonator Shield (Blueprint) 14 TreasureBox14.png Corsairs gold.png 5
Shield Blueprint Shield Regenerator icon.png Shield Regenerator (Blueprint) 17 TreasureBox17.png Corsairs gold.png 6
Shield Blueprint Eos Phase Shift Shield icon.png Eos Phase Shift Shield (Blueprint) 26 TreasureBox26.png  6534HP.png Corsairs gold.png 7
Air-Defence Blueprint Missile Interception icon.png Missile Interception System (Blueprint) 5 TreasureBox05.png Corsairs gold.png 2
Air-Defence Blueprint Fighter Interception Cabin icon.png Fighter-based Air Interception Cabin (Blueprint) 8 TreasureBox08.png Corsairs gold.png 3
Air-Defence Blueprint Powered Pulse Cannon icon.png Powered Pulse Cannon (Blueprint) 20 TreasureBox20.png  2400HP.png Corsairs gold.png 4
Air-Defence Blueprint Extreme Counterattack icon.png Extreme Counterattack System (Blueprint) 23 TreasureBox23.png  3174HP.png Corsairs gold.png 5
Electron Blueprint Agility Booster icon.png Agility Booster (Blueprint) 8 TreasureBox08.png Corsairs gold.png 1
Electron Blueprint Infrared Scanner icon.gif Infrared Scanner (Blueprint) 11 TreasureBox11.png Corsairs gold.png 2
Electron Blueprint ECM Booster icon.png ECM Booster (Blueprint) 20 TreasureBox20.png  2400HP.png Corsairs gold.png 3
Electron Blueprint Auto Target System icon.png Auto Target System (Blueprint) 26 TreasureBox26.png  4056HP.png Corsairs gold.png 4
Warehouse Blueprint Station Warehouse icon.png Station Warehouse (Blueprint) 11 TreasureBox11.png Corsairs gold.png 1
Warehouse Blueprint Nano Station Warehouse icon.png Nano Station Warehouse (Blueprint) 23 TreasureBox23.png  3174HP.png Corsairs gold.png 3
Transmission Blueprint Team Combat Engine icon.png Team Combat Engine (Blueprint) 29 TreasureBox29.png  6534HP.png Corsairs gold.png 4
Transmission Blueprint Anti-matter Engine icon.png Anti-matter Engine (Blueprint) 30 TreasureBox30.png  6534HP.png Corsairs gold.png 10

These Blueprints are as of 06/06/2012.

Special Blueprints

The following table is a list of all Special Blueprints. These Blueprints can only be obtained by doing Scenario Instances (or Trials), Constellation Instances, and obtaining Badge Points. The Badge Points can then be spent at the Web Mall to obtain these Special Blueprints. The higher level Weapons and Transmission Modules are only obtainable by completing the Scenario Instances.

Type Name Source

Badge / Honor Points

Corsairs' Gold
Special Hull Blueprint Daybreak BP.gif Daybreak (Blueprint) Web Mall Badge.gif 2000 Corsairs gold.png 11
Special Hull Blueprint Last Stand BP.gif Last Stand (Blueprint) Web Mall Badge.gif 2500 Corsairs gold.png 12
Special Hull Blueprint Shadow Guardian BP.gif Shadow Guardian (Blueprint) Web Mall Badge.gif 3000 Corsairs gold.png 13
Special Hull Blueprint Quick Assault BP.gif Quick Assault (Blueprint) Web Mall Badge.gif 2000 Corsairs gold.png 11
Special Hull Blueprint Striking Sword BP.gif Striking Sword (Blueprint) Web Mall Badge.gif 2500 Corsairs gold.png 12
Special Hull Blueprint Nihelbet BP.gif Nihelbet (Blueprint) Web Mall Badge.gif 3000 Corsairs gold.png 13
Special Hull Blueprint Aggressive Warlord BP.gif Aggressive Warlord (Blueprint) Web Mall Badge.gif 2000 Corsairs gold.png 11
Special Hull Blueprint Alliance Admiral BP.gif Alliance Admiral (Blueprint) Web Mall Badge.gif 2500 Corsairs gold.png 12
Special Hull Blueprint Presidio of Glory BP.gif Presidio of Glory (Blueprint) Web Mall Badge.gif 3000 Corsairs gold.png 13
Special Hull Blueprint Black Hole BP.png Black Hole (Blueprint) Constellations Corsairs gold.png 20
Humaroid-Flagship Blueprint Intrepid Nexus BP.jpg Intrepid Nexus (Blueprint) Blueprint Shreds Corsairs gold.png 100
Humaroid-Flagship Blueprint Grim Reaper BP.jpg Grim Reaper (Blueprint) Blueprint Shreds Corsairs gold.png 100
Humaroid-Flagship Blueprint Shadow Trojan BP.jpg Shadow Trojan (Blueprint) Blueprint Shreds Corsairs gold.png 100
Humaroid-Flagship Blueprint Conquistador BP.jpg Conquistador (Blueprint) Blueprint Shreds Corsairs gold.png 150
Humaroid-Flagship Blueprint Mercury Wing BP.jpg Mercury Wing (Blueprint) Blueprint Shreds Corsairs gold.png 100
Humaroid-Flagship Blueprint Unknown1 BP.jpg Firecat (Blueprint) Blueprint Shreds Corsairs gold.png 100
Humaroid-Flagship Blueprint Unknown2 BP.jpg GForce's Dreadnaught (Blueprint) Blueprint Shreds Corsairs gold.png 100
Humaroid-Flagship Blueprint Unknown3 BP.jpg Arbiter (Blueprint) Blueprint Shreds Corsairs gold.png 150
Ballistics Blueprint Azrael icon.png Azrael (Blueprint) Web Mall  6144HP.png Corsairs gold.png 11
Ballistics Blueprint BloodyMary icon.png BloodyMary (Blueprint) Web Mall  6936HP.png Corsairs gold.png 12
Ballistics Blueprint Tempest icon.png Tempest (Blueprint) Scenario 50 Corsairs gold.png 15
Ballistics Blueprint Judgment icon.png Judgement (Blueprint) Scenario 50 Corsairs gold.png 20
Ballistics Blueprint Bloodspur icon.png Bloodspur (Blueprint) Virgo.V01 ?
Ballistics Blueprint Shooting Star icon.png Shooting Star (Blueprint) Virgo.V01 ?
Orientation Blueprint Flamer icon.png Flamer (Blueprint) Web Mall  6144HP.png Corsairs gold.png 11
Orientation Blueprint Nemesis icon.png Nemesis (Blueprint) Web Mall  6936HP.png Corsairs gold.png 12
Orientation Blueprint Cyclone icon.png Cyclone (Blueprint) Scenario 50 Corsairs gold.png 15
Orientation Blueprint Avalanche icon.png Avalanche (Blueprint) Scenario 50 Corsairs gold.png 20
Orientation Blueprint Phantom Ray icon.png Phantom Ray (Blueprint) Virgo.V02 ?
Orientation Blueprint Scorpion Stinger icon.png Scorpion Stinger (Blueprint) Virgo.V02 Corsairs gold.png 200
Missile Weapons Dragon Slayer icon.png Dragon Slayer (Blueprint) Web Mall  6144HP.png Corsairs gold.png 11
Missile Weapons Wipeout icon.png Wipeout (Blueprint) Web Mall  6936HP.png Corsairs gold.png 12
Missile Weapons Terminator icon.png Terminator (Blueprint) Scenario 50 Corsairs gold.png 15
Missile Weapons Zeus icon.png Zeus (Blueprint) Scenario 50 Corsairs gold.png 20
Missile Weapons Shadowflare icon.png Shadowflare (Blueprint) Virgo.V03 ?
Missile Weapons Red Comet icon.png Red Comet (Blueprint) Virgo.V03 ?
Fighter-based Blueprint Widowmaker icon.png Widowmaker (Blueprint) Web Mall  6144HP.png Corsairs gold.png 11
Fighter-based Blueprint Titan icon.png Titan (Blueprint) Web Mall  6936HP.png Corsairs gold.png 12
Fighter-based Blueprint Nebula icon.png Nebula (Blueprint) Scenario 50 Corsairs gold.png 15
Fighter-based Blueprint Space Citadel icon.png Space Citadel (Blueprint) Scenario 50 Corsairs gold.png 20
Fighter-based Blueprint Dark Specter icon.png Dark Specter (Blueprint) Virgo.V04 ?
Fighter-based Blueprint Chronus Wing icon.png Chronus Wing (Blueprint) Virgo.V04 ?
Electronic Module Blueprint Image135.jpg Time Dilation (Blueprint) Leo Constellation Corsairs gold.png 5
Electronic Module Blueprint Artemis.png Artemis (Blueprint) Scorpio Constellation
Electronic Module Blueprint Infrared Seeker.jpg Infrared Seeker (Blueprint) Aries Constellation
Transmission Blueprint Eos Phase Shift Engine BP.jpeg Eos Phase Shift Engine (Blueprint) Scenario 50 Corsairs gold.png 15
Transmission Blueprint Wheeler Engine.png Wheeler Engine (Blueprint) Aries Constellation

These Blueprints are as of April 2, 2015.

Championship Blueprints

The following table is a list of all Championship Blueprints. These Blueprints can be obtained through Championship Points obtained in the Championships, and purchased at the Champion's Mall

Type Name Championship Points
Ballistic Blueprint Gladius Ark icon.jpg Gladius Arc (Blueprint)  4,198Champion Point Icon.png
Ballistic Blueprint Black Widow icon.png Black Widow (Blueprint)  4,198Champion Point Icon.png
Ballistic Blueprint Mercurius icon.png Mercurius (Blueprint)  8,298Champion Point Icon.png
Ballistic Blueprint Debellatio icon.png Debellatio (Blueprint)  8,298Champion Point Icon.png
Ballistic Blueprint Ancient Artillery.png Ancient Artillery (Blueprint)  14,298Champion Point Icon.png
Ballistic Blueprint Ionstormer.png Ionstormer (Blueprint)  14,298Champion Point Icon.png
Ballistic Blueprint Helio Sword.png Helio Sword (Blueprint)  24,999Champion Point Icon.png
Ballistic Blueprint Dire Brand.png Dire Brand (Blueprint)  24,999Champion Point Icon.png
Directional Blueprint Tracking Bolt icon.png Tracking Bolt (Blueprint)  4,198Champion Point Icon.png
Directional Blueprint Warp Beam.png Warp Beam (Blueprint)  4,198Champion Point Icon.png
Directional Blueprint Force Majoris icon.png Force Majoris (Blueprint)  8,298Champion Point Icon.png
Directional Blueprint Frostbite icon.png Frostbite (Blueprint)  8,298Champion Point Icon.png
Directional Blueprint Ashbringer.png Ashbringer (Blueprint)  14,298Champion Point Icon.png
Directional Blueprint Arctic Crescent.png Arctic Crescent (Blueprint)  14,298Champion Point Icon.png
Directional Blueprint Odd Eye.jpg Odd Eye (Blueprint)  24,999Champion Point Icon.png
Directional Blueprint Dark Horizon.jpg Dark Horizon (Blueprint)  24,999Champion Point Icon.png
Missile Blueprint Apate icon.png Apate (Blueprint)  4,198Champion Point Icon.png
Missile Blueprint Spitfire icon.png Spitfire (Blueprint)  4,198Champion Point Icon.png
Missile Blueprint Landeel icon.png Landeel (Blueprint)  8,298Champion Point Icon.png
Missile Blueprint Thermite Nest icon.png Thermite Nest (Blueprint)  8,298Champion Point Icon.png
Missile Blueprint Boson Condensator.png Boson Condensator (Blueprint)  14,298Champion Point Icon.png
Missile Blueprint Nano Trojans.png Nano Trojans (Blueprint)  14,298Champion Point Icon.png
Missile Blueprint Zero Event.png Zero Event (Blueprint)  24,999Champion Point Icon.png
Missile Blueprint Zeus Ex Machina.png Zeus Ex Machina (Blueprint)  24,999Champion Point Icon.png
Ship-Based Blueprint Dusk Interceptor icon.png Dusk Interceptor (Blueprint)  4,198Champion Point Icon.png
Ship-Based Blueprint Fox Tail icon.png Fox Tail (Blueprint)  4,198Champion Point Icon.png
Ship-Based Blueprint Spectre icon.png Spectre (Blueprint)  8,298Champion Point Icon.png
Ship-Based Blueprint MIND Custom icon.png MIND Custom (Blueprint)  8,298Champion Point Icon.png
Ship-Based Blueprint Hellhorn.png Hellhorn (Blueprint)  14,298Champion Point Icon.png
Ship-Based Blueprint Stormsingers.png Stormsingers (Blueprint)  14,298Champion Point Icon.png
Ship-Based Blueprint Blockbuster.png Blockbuster (Blueprint)  24,999Champion Point Icon.png
Ship-Based Blueprint Tyrannos.png Tyrannos (Blueprint)  24,999Champion Point Icon.png
Frigate Blueprint Ultra Nwyfre.png Ultra Nwyfre (Blueprint)  6,598Champion Point Icon.png
Cruiser Blueprint Ultra Gwyar.png Ultra Gwyar (Blueprint)  6,598Champion Point Icon.png
Battleship Blueprint Ultra Calas.png Ultra Calas (Blueprint)  6,598Champion Point Icon.png
Electronic Module Blueprint Armstrong Core.png Armstrong Core (Blueprint)  7,198Champion Point Icon.png
Structure Module Blueprint Copernicus Gyroscope icon.png Copernicus Gyroscope (Blueprint)  5,598Champion Point Icon.png
Structure Module Blueprint Drexler Ratchet icon.png Drexler Ratchet (Blueprint)  4,598Champion Point Icon.png
Shield Module Blueprint Hertz Regenerator.png Hertz Regenerator (Blueprint)  4,598Champion Point Icon.png
Storage Module Blueprint Drexler Nano Cells.png Drexler Nano Cells (Blueprint)  5,598Champion Point Icon.png
Transmission Blueprint Wheeler Engine.png Wheeler Engine (Blueprint)  14,298Champion Point Icon.png
Special Hull Blueprint Independence Mark 2.png Independence Mk2 (Blueprint)  18,888Champion Point Icon.png
Special Hull Blueprint Hallows Reaper.png Hallows Reaper (Blueprint)  18,888Champion Point Icon.png
Special Hull Blueprint Arctic Airboard.png Arctic Airboard (Blueprint)  18,888Champion Point Icon.png
Special Hull Blueprint Valentine Victory.png Valentine Victory (Blueprint)  21,888Champion Point Icon.png
Humaroid Flagship Blueprint GFS-Vengeance.png GFS-Vengeance (Blueprint)  16,888Champion Point Icon.png
Humaroid Flagship Blueprint Zefram-MK42.jpg Zefram-MK42 (Blueprint)  21,888Champion Point Icon.png
Tesla Merging Blueprint Terra Scorpirex.png Terra Scorpirex (Blueprint)  38,000Champion Point Icon.png
Tesla Merging Blueprint Abyssal Scylla.png Abyssal Scylla (Blueprint)  38,000Champion Point Icon.png
Tesla Merging Blueprint Caerulex Ladon.png Caerulex Ladon (Blueprint)  38,000Champion Point Icon.png

Types of Blueprints


The most important type of Blueprint in the game, these Blueprints allow you to build thier corresponding ships. There are six classes of ships in the game: Frigates, Cruisers , Battleships, Special Hull, Flagships and Humaroid Flagships .


These Blueprints are the power behind your fleet. Without these, your ships would do minimal damage and get destroyed by enemy ships in the blink of an eye. These Blueprints consist of: Attack , Defense , and Auxiliary Modules.

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