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BATTLE AT SLIDERS (SERVER 25)[edit | edit source]

This Battle was between Shield/Force against VENOM alliance (Evil Empire, Allegiance, Jedi2, and Devil).  It lasted 5 days.  It began when several Evil Empire players attacked Slider of Force.  The battle quickly escalated and soon both sides were pouring in all of their commanders into the fight.  In total, the battle involved approximately 65 million ships.  At the height of the battle, the battle was so big that players could not watch the fight because their computers would freeze/crash.

In the end, VENOM utterly defeated Shield/Force.  VENOM killed about 32.5 million Shield/Force ships while Shield/Force killed approximately 14.5 million VENOM ships.  This battle may prove to be the turning point in the several months old server war between VENOM and Shield/Force.

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